No page this week! Sorry!

Christina - 06.01.2012

It has been... god it's been a crazy month. I have/had major things going on at the same time and they've just drained me dry.

1. I have a screenplay due next week for school
2. My sister was in town for a week visiting. (Good times! :D)
3. The 2+ year lawsuit my husband's been involved with just settled today. He works in video games and he and almost 40 of his coworkers were suing Activision for unpaid wages. You can sort of read about it here if you want: We can't really say much more about it, but suffice it to say, it's been a tense month leading up to this.

SO. I decided I'm going to take my new narcolepsy medication (oh, btw, I'm trying out new meds too this month, wtf is my life?) and sleep instead of edit/letter tonight. ;_;

BUT. I have the page, so I promise it'll be up bright and early next Thursday. When I'm less insane and more composed. :)

Sorry guys. ;_; I'm weak sauce this week!!!

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